This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Petition Reverse Philip Hammond's decision to abolish Class 2 NICs

Philip Hammond proposes to abolish Class 2 National Insurance Credits, a move which targets the lowest self-employed earners - many of whom make only a few thousand pounds a year - and will force them to increase NIC payments by 400-500% in order to preserve their State Pension. This is unfair.

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These measures unfairly target self employed people under the small earnings threshold who make less than £6,000 a year. People who are forced to work part-time due to caring responsibilities, children, old age or disability, or in low paying sectors such as the arts, will need to find an extra £600 a year, or else lose entitlement to their state pension. These workers have no access to employer subsidised work pensions and any provision for retirement they make already costs twice as much.

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