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Petition Identification of Britains highest decorated fighter Ace Mick Mannock V.C DSO MC

This petition requests investigation, exhumation and identification to prove/disprove the remains of "A British Airman Of The First World War" buried in Laventie Cemetery are in fact those of fighter Ace Edward Mick Mannock. Furthermore, a named reinterment befitting of this hero be conducted.

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Mannock was the highest decorated fighter Ace of WWI with a VC, DSO 2 Bars, MC and Bar. It is believed after his death the information passed on by the Germans as to his burial site was incorrect as it laid in "No Mans Land". The body of another airman was found in the area behind German lines with no records provided of the Airman name. It is commonly believed that this Airman, buried and cited as "A British Airman Of The First World War" in Lavenite Cemetery is, in fact, Edward "Mick" Mannock

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