This petition was submitted during the 2015–2017 Conservative government

Rejected petition Make it a criminal offence for a politician to lie to the public

We don't want a post-truth democracy. We demand that it be a criminal offence for any politician to lie to the public. The penalty should be a large fine and a ten-year ban from serving in public office. The Electoral Commission should enforce this law and receive adequate resources to do so

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The law should apply to:
- All MPs and candidate MPs
- All members of the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Northern Irish parliament, and all candidates to those bodies.
- Mayors and mayoral candidates
- Anyone who has any formal position with a referendum campaign group
- Anyone who holds any senior position within a political party,
- All official spokespersons for the above

The law should exclude lies about personal matters of no public interest, such as consensual sexual activity.

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