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Petition Establish SEPSIS as a medical emergency and a clinical priority for the NHS

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Sepsis is a hidden killer. It claims 37,000 U.K lives annually- more than breast, bowel and prostate cancers combined. The majority of cases arise in the community.

Simple, timely interventions including antibiotics and intravenous fluids can halve the risk of dying, yet are delivered in fewer than 1 in 7 cases in the U.K at present. Early sepsis treatment is cost effective, reducing hospital and Critical Care bed days for patients.

We seek a commitment to ensuring that all patients get access to the rapid care they need. This will require a co-ordinated national response including strategies to heighten awareness and investment in the development of seamless care pathways from home to hospital.

Establishing sepsis as a medical emergency and a clinical priority for the NHS is likely to save at least 10,000 extra lives per year, and yield annual savings to the NHS of over £170M.

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