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Petition All halal and kosher meat to be labelled with method of production and slaughter

The UK invoked the religious exemption from the EU's slaughter directive 2009. More halal slaughter is carried out in the UK than in the rest of Europe. We eat halal meat unwittingly in schools, planes, hospitals and buy it from outlets and supermarkets as it is sold without being labelled as such.

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Compulsory labelling would allow informed consumer choice and reduce conflict with other religious groups' preferences. Labelling must apply to 100% of the product and by-product of any ritually slaughtered animal or bird. The hindquarters of an animal are regarded as non-Halal even if the Halal method of slaughter was used so labelling must be precise. All imported meats and by-products should also be clearly labelled to show country of origin, method of production and transport, and slaughter.

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