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Petition Make recycling of all household low-grade plastics mandatory throughout the UK.

Household non-bottle low-grade plastics, including plastic pots, tubs and trays, are collected for recycling at the roadside in very few UK areas. It therefore goes to landfill. I call on the Government to introduce legislation ultimately leading to the mandatory recycling of all low-grade plastic.

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Global plastic use is out of control. We need urgently to reduce plastic waste and mitigate its devastating impact on the environment. A good place to start, and to set an example, is ensuring all household plastic is recycled in the UK. Recycling of plastic pots, tubs and trays (except for black plastic) was successfully introduced by Cornwall Council recently. In other UK areas, this plastic ends up in the general waste bin for landfill. We need to recycle all household plastic across the UK.

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