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Petition Allow and help gay couples in the uk have children through surrogacy.

For gay men in the UK it is not easy to be able to have a biological family.
Surrogacy is legal however it is an offence to pay a surrogate to carry a child but you may pay their reasonable expenses, furthermore it is illegal to advertise for a surrogate.
I'd like Surrogacy made available to all

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IVF treatment for couples that are unable to have children naturally is a fantastic way to have a precious family. Gay women are also able to have IVF treatment to be able to have a biological family which is also a blessing, but for gay men there is no way of doing this.
Women around the country are happy being surrogates but you are not allowed to advertise this making surrogacy being legal very hard to come by. The greatest gift is a gift of life to someone that cannot produce it.

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