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Petition Stop oversized and hazardous goods vehicles using the Dartford Tunnel

We’re a logistics business headquartered in Dartford and we’ve officially had enough of the Dartford traffic jam. Our simple solution: Stop oversized & hazardous goods vehicles using the Dartford Tunnel.

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We propose a simple solution: Stop the Convoys and get Dartford moving. Traffic at the Dartford Tunnel is brought to a standstill on average 100 times a day by a small number of oversized & hazardous goods vehicles which need to be escorted through the tunnel, in a convoy.
Each convoy can take up to 2.5 mins to travel through the tunnel, and a tunnel is closed around every 15 mins.
Why should 99% of drivers suffer due to less than 1% of vehicles?
Our suggestion is simple: Stop these oversized/hazardous vehicles using the tunnel & send them the other way around the M25.

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