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Petition Any child born to a British Parent is Automatically British from Birth.

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Pre 1983, Children born outside the UK, who had a mother who was a citizen/subject of the UK but married to a non-British Man, had no claim to British Nationality.

Nationality to pre-1983 Children was only Automatically passed only by having a UK-born Father.

On 13.01.2010, all children of British Mother's are now eligible to apply to REGISTER as British Citizen's with various stipulations that some will find they will still be 'excluded' and separated from their British families.

Parity with Children of British Men will not be achieved until the following items are dealt with:

1. Payment of any fees ended
2. Conditions for good character tests
3. Requirement for civic ceremonies
4. Requirement for oath to our Queen
5. The process for Children of British Mother's is not exactly the same as the process for Children of British Father's - Children of British Father's are automatically British by birthright from the moment of birth (if the parents are married).

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