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Petition UK Government to pass a law requiring Vets to scan all newly registered animals.

In March this year my British Shorthair Tabby disappeared. Extensive searches were made contacting all organisations. On targetting Veterinary Surgeries not all were routinely scanning newly registered cats and dogs which was concerning.
I want any suspected thefts to be reported to the Police.

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Subsequently another two similar profile cats have disappeared within 0.5miles of my rural community. While these incidents have been reported to local Police their hands are tied and limited with what they can actually do. This loophole allows unscrupulous thieves to identify themselves as the owners thus depriving the true owners of their treasured pets. Kennel Club figures for 2014 show 70,000 animals missing/stolen and Direct Line figures for 2015/16 show cat theft up by 40% and the true numbers of thefts nearer 360,000. Only 10% of cats were retrieved by microchip which in large part is due to the inconsistency of scanning newly registered animals.

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