This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition The UK should terminate the EU talks forthwith by withdrawing the Art 50 notice.

It is already clear that, within the current framework, the EU is bound to win. Article 50 has never been triggered before, and it is manifestly defective in its conceptual structure: the UK should withdraw immediately, and make progress as a Member of the EU, from within.

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The current BREXIT negotiations are an irresoluble mess. The immediate costs of withdrawal will be enormous, and the long-term debilitation of the UK economy even more serious. Sterling will continue to fall in value, because of all the commercial uncertainty. The negotiations, instead of constituting a single bargaining process, have been converted, by ill-advised agreement, into a two-stage process, in which the EU has sole control of future progress. We should seek another way ahead.

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