This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Make Changing Places mandatory in the large public places listed in BS 8300:2009

Changing Places provide all the equipment that severely disabled people need, such as ceiling hoist, adult sized changing bed, centrally placed toilet, and adequate space. Changing Places are RECOMMENDED in BS 8300:2009, but should be mandatory so disabled people can be equal members of society.

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BS 8300:2009 RECOMMENDS that Changing Places should be built in large public places such as Shopping Centres, airports, leisure centres, sports stadiums, town halls, and auditoria, to name but a few. Disabled people often have to be changed on dirty toilet floors which is degrading, unhygienic and dangerous. Many disabled people choose to stay at home because the facilities they need do not exist in their community. Changing Places should be mandatory as they are a necessity for severely disabled people.

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