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Petition Make independent inventory reporting of privately rented properties compulsory

Independent inventory reporting of privately rented properties on an AST should be a mandatory requirement.

Independent inventories offer protection and help to reduce the number of deposit disputes.

Please support this petition and help us make the letting process more transparent for all.

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As the Private Rented Sector now covers a fifth of all households (EHS 2015-16), it’s crucial that tenants and landlords abide by a fair move-in/move-out process.

Key figures:

- A third of 2,500 tenants admitted having their deposit withheld and 68% believed their landlord didn’t provide good enough reason to do so (Hillarys, 2017).

- 40% of students lose well over a third of their deposit when they rent privately, while 79% do not sign a photo inventory when they move in (, 2016).

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MPs want to hear your views on ‘rogue’ landlords

A committee of MPs are investigating private-rented homes and what local councils can do to deal with 'rogue' landlords.

To help them with their investigation, they'd like to hear from you.

The MPs are particularly interested in these questions:
1. Have you been affected by a 'rogue’ landlord? If so, what happened?
2. Did your letting agent deal with your complaint effectively?
3. Did your local council support you?
4. How could your local council have supported you better?
5. If you could make one change to provide better protection for tenants in the private-rented sector, what would it be?

You can find out more, including how to send in your views, here:

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