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Petition Fund the Research and Building of an experimental 'Quantum Converter', to solve the energy crisis.

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I am a scientist who likes to work in various fringe fields, and I believe that one of these offers a complete potential solution to the CO2 energy crisis - a quantum converter. The essential idea is to develop an ultra high energy quantum state in a fuel stream that allows some of it to be converted directly or indirectly into free energy, and this will then be further converted to produce electricity. (There are also many other applications but energy production is relatively simple) The potential power output is on the order of several gigawatts to terawatts, enough for just a few plants to power the whole country or even to supply most of Europe.
Much of the research behind this project is not yet completed or published and much further work is still needed. A basic development program requires about £ 10 to 20 million with an expected 10 year schedule.

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