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Petition Condemn the actions of the 1970-79 Governments in taking the UK into the EEC

There has long been controversy as to the legality of Britain being a member of the EEC/EU. We believe that our entry into the EU was contrary to the Vienna Convention 1969 and the British Bill of Rights 1689. The Government must acknowledge this and condemn the actions of the 1970-79 Governments.

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Actions that violated the Vienna Convention could include secret negotiations, misleading the people and failing to conform with the constitution of the signature state. No Treaty is valid if people of that state are misled as to the intentions of a treaty and it is not made in "good faith". With the republication of document FCO 30/1048, we believe the 1970-79 Governments were complicit when assuring the people and UK Parliament that there was no question of surrendering national sovereignty.

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