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Petition Cancel South Western Railway’s contract & to investigate their mismanagement.

South Western Railway was awarded the South Western franchise in March 2017, & took over from South West Trains on the 20th August. SWT had managed the franchise for nearly 20 years.

Since the takeover, the number of delays have increased, delays have got longer, & cancellations have increased.

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The government should investigate why the franchise has significantly worsensed since it changed hands, & why it changed during the Waterloo upgrade. Why is the service worse after the upgrade?

Need to compare the % of delayed trains now with the amount of delayed trains SWT’s had. Also stats for the length of delays, as well as the % of cancelled trains. Not just overal stats either, peak times/rush hour stats need to be anyalsed.

The government needs to consider cancelling SWR’s contract.

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