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Petition Introduce mandatory fluoridation of the water supply to prevent tooth decay

Tooth decay is almost entirely preventable, but is the most common reason why children aged 5 to 9 require hospital admission. Water fluoridation is an effective public health measure proven to reduce tooth decay. Centrally funded and mandated water fluoridation is needed to protect our oral health.

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PHE recommends fluoridation, but cannot enforce it. It's within the remit of local authorities, many of which do not have funds to implement it. 31 to 41% of 5-year-old children have evidence of tooth decay, with higher rates in deprived populations.

PHE research reveals:

- 15% fewer 5-year-olds with tooth decay in fluoridated areas, rising to 28% when deprivation is considered
- 45% fewer hospital admissions of children aged 1 to 4 for tooth decay in fluoridated areas

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