This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Establish a support body to advise and protect Beneficiaries of Wills and Trusts

Support body to provide free help and advice to beneficiaries: To ensure proper estate administration. Advising on; confusing Will language, dwindling estate concerns, uncertainty of legal rights, high executor fee charges, lack of transparency or information, unresponsive administrators etc.

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This support body (funded by increase in Probate tax) to:-

•Provide legal advice to beneficiaries in clear and simple terms
•Ensure executor accountability
•Have powers to take action against executors to protect beneficiaries where there are failings in responsibilities and duty of care.

We ask for Parliament to change the law, ensuring that executors are legally bound to clearly inform beneficiaries of the existence of this body and provide its contact details with Will delivery.

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