This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Free Housing For All - Boost employment, skills and wealth.

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That it is a human right to have low cost (affordable) housing. That this be made possible by the government rezoning land and commissioning large scale orders of modern, easy to assemble housing units for all people, from large families to single households. That market forces should not be able to affect the right of all people to own their own low cost, high quality housing units. Land for the people. Benefits: Free up society to move on from feudal origins. Massive boost to spending power. People motivated to obtain even low wage employment to pay very low mortgages to own their housing unit. New skills, large scale employment opportunities. The housing crisis solved. No more exploitation on this issue. Better health and a healthier, happier society. More tax, less benefits to pay out for the government. Big society in it's true form. Power to the people, not Europe.

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