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Petition Make Greyhound racing illegal in the U.K .

Greyhound racing must be banned in the U.K. This "sport" remains legal in 8 countries and one of them is the U.K. The sport is inhumane and over 10,000 greyhounds vanish/die every year. This is why we believe it has to stop . #YouBetTheyDie #NoGreyhoundRacing

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Greyhound racing is a popular industry here in the U.K. Beautiful dogs race at ground-scaring speeds; the thrill making quick quid off a brutal bet - this all entices many dog-racing enthusiasts, betters and gamblers alike. However, the reality is greyhound-racing is cruel and disgusting. Over 10,000 greyhounds a year are tossed aside due to being "useless". Around 8,000 of these are retired. These poor dogs are then left to starve, abandoned, murdered, sold for dissection purposes and worse.

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