This petition was submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

Petition Regulation of Freehold / Leasehold Property Management

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We are calling for the Government to step in and implement Regulation of the Freehold / Leasehold Property Management sector.

The reason for this is because thousands of Retirement Leasehold, Leasehold and Freehold property owners are tired of being ripped of by property management companies that feel it is okay for them to charge extortionate fees for little service.

Websites such as TheTruthAboutSolitaire, CARLEX and Peverel Action Group, boast communities of residents who are fed up with being overcharged by these companies and want Government regulation.

Prior to the May 2010 Government change, a previous ePetition had obtained thousands of signatures calling for help.

Grant Shapps is all too familiar with our plight, along with other MPs nationally.

Mr Shapps has previously stated in writing that he believes the current system in place is more than adequate for residents. However, those of us living in properties affected by this disagree with his opinion.

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