This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Mandy’s Law: “Carers' Charter", Supporting Carers mainly in the Home

Support carers and their families caring at home. More financial and physical support to help relieve the enormous stress and strains put on their lives. I have been a carer three times during a forty year period and personally seen and endured this most destructive way of life caring can often be.

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Carers Allowance increase to £95pw and free from income assessment
Carers in receipt of a State Pension must also qualify for Carers Allowance .
Mortgage Interest allowance increase up to £300000
Up to six hours free home care to give Carers time to shop and rest
Return Community Care back into the hands of the NHS
Free prescriptions for all full time Home Carers
Free respite care to provide time for Carers education and time out
Full grants for ex child carers to move on to College / University

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