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Petition Make menstrual cups available for free to homeless and low-income women.

Giving reusable menstrual products to homeless and low-income women will allow them to focus their money on basic needs e.g food and shelter, and protect women who can't afford period products monthly from diseases related to poor menstrual hygeine.

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Menstrual cups typically cost £7.99-£20 pounds, depending on brand, and can last up to 10 years.

In 10 years the average woman would spend £240-£960 on tampons, and those with heavier or longer periods could spend much more.

(Given that tampons tend to cost 10p-40p each and the average woman will use around 240 per year a women with an average length/flow of period will spend between £24.00 and £96.00 per year on tampons.)

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