This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Rejected petition Stop plans to put psychiatrists in every school & prescribing of drugs to youth.

The DoH green paper extending ADHD diagnosing to include wider prescribing, will double the millions of patients already involuntarily addicted to medical drugs.
Addiction is the root cause of the majority of our country's social & economic problems & so must not be extended for commercial gain.

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Based as it is on experiments on millions of mice, rats & Pavlov's dogs, plus the bodies of concentration camp prisoners & asylum inmates, psychiatric theory has nothing to do with the sane superior non-animal flesh & blood species which is Man.
As a result, the major part of our current psychiatry based Mental Health Provision is useless or of huge harm to Man, and must be curtailed rather than unjustifiably extended, and be replaced with proven natural healing & modern mental health science.

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