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Rejected petition Brain Tumour Research requires Government funding

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Brain Tumours do not respect age, sex, colour or creed. It affects the immediate family, extended family, friends and workplace. Commoner than most people think it is. Life expectancy is poor. Unlike some of the other cancers, there is no screening for this. Charities do not share monies raised in UK. More children, young women and men die of brain tumours than any other cancers. Every penny raised BTR goes toward research for a cure. Without the £7 million a year, no effective research can be done. Please remember no cure means no hope for sufferers at present and the future. The Government wastes billions on war, big projects (national identity cards and computerisation of patient records ,just to name 2) that don't come to fruition. £7 million a year is a very small percentage of our GDP.

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