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Petition Update the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 to help bereaved families.

The loss of a loved one following a fatal injury (accident or murder) drastically needs updating. We need to expand the number of family members who are entitled to a bereavement award and to increase the compensation which currently stands at £12,980. The Law tells us who is entitled to claim.

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Why does it need updating...?

A wife can claim £12,980 for loss of her husband but nothing if she loses an adult child. If a child loses a parent, the child receives nothing.

However celebrities can obtain over £200,000 for breach of privacy for phone hacking.

A person killed instantly in an accident or murdered is worth NOTHING.

The cost of looking after a DOG is more than a bereavement award and more than life itself.

Please help bereaved families and children who have lost parents.

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