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Petition Fund and support a monument to the POLISH PILOT HEROES of the Battle of Britain.

Let’s build a 30 metre high dramatic memorial in Central London to the heroic Polish Pilots in the Battle of Britain 1940. Nor were the Poles invited to the British Victory Parade when the War ended. The proposed monument is a great opportunity to thank them for their sacrifice & dedication.

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IT’S THE POLES WHO WON IT! 303 POLISH SQUADRON: - Highest scoring in the whole RAF. - High scoring RAF Ace of Aces pilot. With 302 Polish Squadron shot down 60% of German planes on Battle of Britain Day. This decisive Polish contribution to victory needs to be known and celebrated.

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This response was given on 31 August 2018

The Polish contribution in the Battle of Britain is commemorated at the National Memorial Arboretum, Capel-le-Ferne, the Embankment, St Clement Danes Church, St Paul’s Cathedral and near RAF Northolt.

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The Government recognises that following the German invasion of Poland, many Polish pilots escaped and made their way to France and Britain to the aid the war effort to protect Britain and Europe. The Government recognises that they were all people of great courage who were willing to put their lives on the line for this country and for freedom from tyranny. Please be assured that their dedicated and loyal service is still appreciated.

The Ministry of Defence is always delighted to hear of ways in which the contribution of veterans can be recognised. Together with other Commonwealth Governments, we fund the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to ensure that the graves of those who gave their lives during the two World Wars are maintained in perpetuity, and that those who have no known grave are commemorated on memorials maintained by the Commission. Alongside this, the whole of Government remains committed to highlighting the crucial contributions made to our country’s history and development by all nationalities, ensuring that the sacrifices of the past are not forgotten.

The Ministry of Defence believes that it is right that we continue to highlight the role played by Polish pilots in the Battle of Britain; and we have done this through a number of initiatives. This includes: the Polish War Memorial on the outskirts of RAF Northolt, which was dedicated in 1948 to remember the contribution of airmen from Poland who helped the Allied cause during World War II; the Polish Forces War Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire; the Battle of Britain Memorial at Victoria Embankment, London; a Memorial Plaque inset in the floor of the St Clement Danes Church, London (the central Church of the RAF); a Memorial Plaque in the Crypt of St Pauls Cathedral; London; and the Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel-le-Ferne near Folkestone in Kent.

The Ministry of Defence applauds any organisation that wishes to erect a memorial in support of a particular group, incident or event, and believes that it is right that these should continue to be funded through public subscription or private donation thus maintaining the independence of the memorial.

The Ministry of Defence hopes that you find this information useful and that it illustrates to you how we continue to strive to ensure that all those who serve our country, regardless of their background, are recognised.

Ministry of Defence