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Petition Change the rules for the housing element part of universal credit.

I am a social landlord who is being affected by the poorly thought out rules for the housing element part of universal credit.
The system was fine under the local councils but so far Universal credit has cost me over 30 weeks in unpaid rent.
Problems for over a year plus now not acceptable!

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Rules that need to be changed ASAP:
1/ Only one office to contact - every time you call you get through to a different centre.
There is no hierarchy chain so you don't get far and there is no accountability.
2/ Speed up call waiting times - 20-30 minutes is too much.
3/ Allow landlords to have the option of being paid directly as standard if they require it.
4/ One journal entry giving landlord permission to access information rather then new journal every time as we don't always live close by.

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