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Petition Force motorway service areas (MSAs) provide security for visiting HGVs at night.

I am the operator of a single lorry. In two months I have had six holes cut in my trailer curtains and a braking system cable stolen while at MSAs. Parking at MSAs costs up to £34. I have been told by an operator that they don't have to do any more. Damage, load and fuel theft happens very often.

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Returning to secure yards increases empty mileage, emissions and costs. It also increases fleet sizes and congestion. Some loads can't be delivered in one day and require overnight parking away from base.
A security guard from 20:00 to 06:00 would cost an MSA around £102, just 4 trucks per night.
The cost of my repairs is £850 + VAT (approx) in 8 weeks, equal to a drivers wage. Increased costs for firms mean higher prices at the shops.
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