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Petition Make it compulsory for all new homes in England and Wales to have solar panels

Solar panels reduce bills by allowing homes to generate some of their own electricity. Installing solar during construction can reduce costs by over a third and with storage they can halve electricity bills. Despite this, there is no meaningful regulation forcing house builders to install solar.

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- The Government aims to build 300,000 new homes per year yet only 8,400 homes a year install solar [BEIS/HMTreasury]
- 400,000 people in Britain are in fuel poverty [Citizens Advice]
- The MyGridGB home with solar and battery storage has half the energy bill and carbon emissions of an average UK house. Over 65% of it's electricity comes from renewables []
- Scotland already has a scheme to encourage solar on new build homes.
- The average solar install costs less than £4,500

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