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Petition Protect Poole Quay and Harbour

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Poole Harbour Commissioners are proposing a scheme to extend the current Poole Boat Haven, to include moorings for 900 boats, and a tall concrete berth for cruise ships, industrial lifting gear for boat repairs, and possibly worst of all, an ugly raised causeway, hundreds of feet long, linking the cruise berth to the Quay. This will obscure the views of Brownsea Island that all Quay and Baiter Park visitors now enjoy, and according to the PHC on 5th November 2011, the beaches will probably go. It will also cause traffic chaos, with the owners of 900 boats fly parking to drop supplies and passengers off at the marina.
We believe that the proposal as it stands will eventually result in major destruction to the ambiance of the Quay and shoreline as all recent Quay development initiatives have been.
We urge to Government to intervene and stop any further development to Poole Harbour

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