This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition The environment to be taught as a compulsory subject throughout school life.

All the good we do now with regards to litter picking, recycling, and on environmental issues will be a complete waste of time if we do not start to educate everyone from the year dot. We need to stop the rot so that our future generations will make a better job of looking after our world.

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Most of the people reading this will never have known what it is like to be brought up in a clean and pristine country. If we want to change this for our future generations we have to start NOW, and as with everything in life it begins with education. Many children are shown and taught to do the right thing before they start school, sadly many more are not because their parents themselves were not taught. We urgently need to stop this repetitive cycle which is why l have started this petition.

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