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Petition Year 10 & Year 11 students should focus on GCSEs and not have to do PE.

Secondary schools are forcing children in year 10 and year 11 to do PE (physical education), in other words sports. It should be a choice at GCSE to do PE. If the student has chosen Sports as a GCSE then they should do PE however if students did not pick Sports they should not be forced to do PE!

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Children should be focusing on their GCSEs and achieving high grades which will help further along in the education system, yet secondary schools are forcing children to do PE. Other subject will benefit the children more such as math. If the child is doing an average of 1 hour of PE a week, over the course of 39 weeks (average school year) it comes to a total of 78 hours from year 10-11. Definitely too many hours. This can be split up for other lessons which will help support the child better.

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