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Petition Exemption of Dental Charges for Patients with Mouth Cancer

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Patients treated for mouth cancer often end up having aggressive surgery, which results in the loss of teeth and supporting structures. Additional treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy may also have an impact on the patient’s oral health. Patients with cancers elsewhere in the body do not have the financial burden of paying for any follow up treatment, which may arise as a consequence of their cancer therapy. However patients who have had treatment for mouth cancer usually need extensive dental treatment to restore their smile as well as long term follow up care. Under the current NHS exemption categories they would be expected to pay for dental treatment. There is clearly a financial inequality for patients with mouth cancer to pay for the postoperative and reconstructive phase following their cancer treatment. We urge the government to review the current NHS dental charges by including an exemption category for patients who have had treatment for mouth cancer.

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