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Petition Ban Releases Of Foil & Plastic Balloons, Balloons With Ribbons & Sky Lanterns

We are the National Association Of Balloon Artists & Suppliers (NABAS), and we are seriously concerned that the release of Foil Balloons, Plastic Balloons, Any Balloons With Ribbons Attached And Sky Lanterns represent a genuine threat to wildlife and our environment and therefore should be banned.

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There are far to many examples of the damaging effect caused by irresponsible release of foil balloons, plastic balloons and indeed any balloon with ribbons or plastic attached. Sky lanterns pose an additional risk as a fire hazard and a risk to our animals and wildlife due to the wire framed or bamboo construction, and they create a choking hazard. We respect the findings of the 2013 DEFRA report, but evidence shows a ban on such releases is needed. Our request does not include latex balloons

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