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Petition To fund free bus travel for all ESA, JSA and Universal Credit claimants

Gov are transitioning ESA claimants ETC to UC, I live 12ml circular trip to nearest job centre,CAB and cheaper shops. I have back and joint problems and aged nr 49. I live in a village with only 1 bus service which wont always cover where i need to go, I am trying to save £550 for transition period.

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It costs nr £19.00 a weekly pass local the one that allows access to stage coach bus is nr £31.00. I'm concerned If my health is bad and already struggle with shopping. How we are supposed to fund this on no income. I live on own don't drive. Im concerned many will be in this position. It also would mean that jobseeker's are covered for appointments part time work etc meaning work would pay and they wouldn't lose out re travel costs. and would help nhs patients access treatments and physio.

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