This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Ban any planning/ development on green belt, even in 'exceptional circumstances'

Successive Gts have failed to plan for UK future housing need. Local (housing) plans require local authorities to plan for future housing plans in that area. Authorities are offered huge financial incentives. Gmt targets are unrealistic and 220,000+ homes are currently planned for the green belt.

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12.4% of UK is GB.
Landowners offered ££ to sell.
Gmt housing targets fantasy, touting need for 'affordable housing', (80% of current market rent). LA's offered ££ to overbuild through 'new'/ 'affordable' homes bonuses.
30m people live around GB. 30,000km of public rights of way. 250kha quality agricultural land. 89000ha SSSI.
220000ha mixed woodland.
We say:
Review new homes targets.
Brownfield not green belt.
No new homes bonuses.
Cease all current/ future plans to develop the green belt.

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