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Petition All children's bicycles sold in the UK to have handlebar plugs fitted.

Children are injured, and even killed, by the handlebars of their own bikes. These deaths are preventable. I would like to update British Standards. Initially through an immediate voluntary action and then into BS EN 16054 (BMX) & BS EN ISO 8098 (childrens').

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Bicycle handlebar trauma has been well documented in children. Spleen, liver, pancreatic lacerations and renal injuries are the most commonly traumatized sites. Other reported injuries are traumatic abdominal wall hernias and ruptures, aortic rupture, transection of the common bile duct, traumatic arterial occlusion, and groin injuries Presumably, the handlebar of a typical child's bicycle acts as a spear, concentrating what may be a relatively small amount of energy into a focal point of injury.

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