This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Make schools provide 20 mins planned exercise each day to tackle rising obesity.

Planned exercise should be fun, incorporating lifestyle / healthy eating guidance:
- Prevention is better than cure / better than keep bemoaning pressure on NHS etc
- Learning at school should be about whole person and their future life chances, not just the constraints of the curriculum

More details

This should be in ALL schools. In primary schools the data from the National Child Measurement Programme could be used to measure progress.
Educational attainment would be expected to increase as a result.

Some factors:
- Screen time: video games, mobiles etc
- Taxi of Mum/Dad
- Over-protective parents limiting kids' freedom to roam
- Erosion of PE time in primary schools by pressure of needing academic success for league tables
- Erosion of play/break times and dinner time by same pressure

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