This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Prevent the MOD removing Cumbria fells from the Commons Register

Despite an undertaking by the Secretary of State, made after a public enquiry in 2001, that the fells would remain on the Commons Register in perpetuity. The MOD are attempting the biggest LAND GRAB of common land since the 1800's.

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The Fells in question, Murton Fell CL76, Hilton Fell CL27 and Burton and Warcop Fell CL122 form part of the Warcop MOD training area.
In 2003 the MOD purchased the grazing rights from the commoners. Part of the agreement reached was that the fells would remain on the Commons Register. Now they have cancelled that part of the agreement. Our argument is that it is not legally possible to cancel part of a multiparty agreement, without the other parties consenting, which they do not.

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