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Petition Change Child Benefit cap from £60k sole earner to £100k joint or single income

The rules introduced in 2012 that child benefit should be capped at £60,000 are fundementally flawed. A single income of £60,000 means that you are not entitled to any child benefit yet 2 parents working can earn £98,000 and get the full entitlement.

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A single earner of £60k will be on a 40% tax bracket with no child benefit yet 2 parents can earn £43k each at 20% and get full child benefit. Families work extremely hard to enable one of the parents to look after their children during their youngest years rather than a stranger but the government seems to want to make this extremely difficult. There is also very little public Information to inform you that you lose this when you hit £60k meaning you end up in debt to the inland revenue.

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