This petition was submitted during the 2017-2019 Conservative government

Petition Call on the government to stop banks discriminating against welfare recipients

Some banks refuse mortgages to buy to let landlords who let to welfare recipients. My bank instructed me to "seek an alternative tenant" if I wished to keep my mortgage because my tenant was a welfare recipient.

The government must close these loopholes, as they are a breach of basic human rights

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"A survey of 1,137 private landlords for housing charity Shelter in 2017 found that 43% had an outright ban on letting to such claimants (welfare recipients)."

This isn't only because landlords are discriminatory, many banks prohibit landlords from renting to reliable tenants just because of their circumstances. Welfare recipients are not 2nd class citizens they deserve access to safe, secure, habitable, and affordable homes as is their Human Right.

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