This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Allow victims of Child Sexual Abuse the location of their Offenders release

The man who abused me has been released from prison. I am still not allowed to know where he is located. A high-profile sex offender who destroyed my life. I should have the right to know where he is to minimise the risk to myself and my family.

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Clare’s Law: The Domestic Violence Scheme, that offers members of the public the right to ask the police if their partner may pose a risk to them.
Sarah’s Law: The Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme, that allows anyone to formally ask the police if someone with access to a child has a record for child sexual offences.

He is on licence conditions to not come near my home, so he was released information of my vicinity. Victims should be allowed this information about their offender, especially when the offender is allowed to know where their victim lives.

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