This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Phase out current mental healthcare model and implement the Open Dialogue model.

Over the next five years:
- Replace open wards with Open Dialogue.
- Reform compulsory detention under the Mental Health Act 1998 in order to fit this method of treatment, as fit.
- Train all mental health staff in Open Dialogue.
- Double MH services that come to the patient’s home “on-call”

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One of the other key point of the Open Dialogue model is it debunks the life-long medication method as it has been proven to be more effective. This should also be reflected in changes in relevant laws.

Changing the mental health act would involve only detaining patients who have broken the law and creating hostels for homeless patients

This investment would ultimately save the taxpayer a lot of money.

Below is a documentary on Open Dialogue:

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