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Petition Support The Best Policy for Children; give Both Parents Equality in Law.

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Shared parenting should become the natural position in the UK. It's in the best interest of the child. The law should be there to protect children’s relationships with both parents.It needs to show children that both their parents are treated with equality. So that children who have been cared for by both parents and grandparents do not suffer the pain of a living bereavement -Children are suffering because of inequalities in law, which do not promote shared parenting -The law has to acknowledge that children are a product of two people, not one. If it takes two to make a baby surely it takes two to bring a child up -It is damaging to children and in the long run our society if we say that it is ok to deny equal access after a family breakdown Children will win when the law catches up the British model of fair play, that's intolerant of discrimination, and which increasingly promotes equality. Shared parenting not protection of a status quo should be the dominant legal position

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