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Petition Ban single-use plastics.

No matter your stance on the EU, to ban single-use plastics was a smart move and should be enforced by the UK.

In 2015, plastic packaging waste accounted for 47% of plastic waste. 2017 alone produced a total of 400 million tons of plastic waste. (Single-Use Plastics, UN Env. Programme '18)

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Likewise, the deposit system for plastic bottles and tin/aluminium cans should be enforced to ensure the return of these items to locations where they can be recycled. Waste and waste sorting cost will therefore naturally diminish.

- BAN single-use plastics*
- Introduce a nationwide deposit system for plastic/aluminium bottles/cans

* single-use pastics include straws, coffee stirrers, styrofoam take-away cups/containers, milk jugs, toiletry containers, and more.

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