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Petition Develop an Isle Of Wight Airport for potential Commercial Airline use

The Isle Of Wight is in the unfortunate position of having very expensive and unreliable ferries as the only way to get to and from it at present.
This is why it really needs a developed airport to be served by Ryanair, Easyjet etc to give everyone another option to get to and from the Island.

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The Channel Islands which are smaller and have fewer events and far fewer tourists have the option of flights or ferries.

The Isle Of Skye has a fixed link or ferries as options.
It really doesn't feel that the Isle Of Wight's population or visitors are given the support that the aforementioned Islands receive with regards to options of transport to and from the Island at a fair price. We are held to ransom by the ferry companies as that's the only option we have available to us.

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