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Petition We call on the government to fund a new NHS A&E Hospital for West Herts NOW.

NHS Improvement and DHSC have reviewed West Herts Hospital Trust's Strategic Outline Case for hospital redevelopment and advised them to come up with a more affordable scheme whilst admitting the Trust's hospital buildings need improving, particularly those at Vicarage Road.(a slight understatement)

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WHHT admit that it would take at least £600 million to redevelop Watford General Hospital-The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham was built for £545 million and has twice the number of beds! Major redevelopment of West Herts' hospitals would not only take more than a decade to complete but incur considerable inconvenience and disruption and not be the best long-term solution. (WH's pop. expected to grow by 150 000 in the next 15 years) NOW IS THE TIME TO FUND A NEW A&E HOSPITAL FOR WEST HERTS.

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