This petition was submitted during the 2017–2019 Conservative government

Petition Reopen the Woodhead Railway Line for Ro-Ro Trains to ease the A628 road.

The A628 road is dangerously congested daily, so an option to use RoRo trains between Stockport and Sheffield to take trucks off the Woodhead Pass, this would be economically viable to the transport industry, and reducing the Carbon Footprint Environment for the local communities along the A628.

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The A628 road is every day heavily congested, there is a planned project to utilise Roll on Roll off trains taking trucks off the Woodhead Pass, this would be a business cost saving on fuel wear & tare to the haulage industry, and reduce the Carbon Footprint improving the environment for the communities along the A628 route. Also reopening the line allows another cross Penine rail line to ease the pressure of the current Penine Rail routes.

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