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Petition Introduce a “DADB1” form alongside the “MATB1” form.

The "DADB1" form is for expectant fathers to hand to their employer to kickstart discussions about, and preparation for, Shared Parental Leave (SPL). Researchers have indicated that increasing the numbers of men taking SPL is likely to be a lever in closing the UK’s gender pay gap.

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SPL was introduced in the UK April 2015. Around 285,000 qualify for SPL every year yet the take-up could be as low as 2% (source: The Government launched a “Share the joy” campaign in February 2018 to promote SPL and increase the uptake. The impact of this is not yet known.

I believe the "DADB1" form is a simple, pragmatic step towards growing the number of men taking SPL by kickstarting early conversations between expectant fathers and their employers.

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